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His old soul

He preached we should all be extroverts

It broke my soul

Do you not think he has tried changing faces to thrive in our hapless society.

That being which was not his nearly led him to the asylum.

He can’t help but dig at the core to liberate his soul.

He can’t help but bow at the feet in silence and share with the divine his banquet.

Decades have made him stand affirmed and assured that he has been purposefully made, uniquely sculpted to stand in his truth and proclaim the Truth.

In meekness and majesty scream when needs be and tamely shut it when needs be.

Life his biggest teacher has taught him to be still and know.

He has taught his offsprings the abundance of the Love that knows no wrong.

I stare at him and see my being.


Try to understand

You think you know,

Because I am human, you are human

We share the human experience

But the thing is we are different

From being me I can tap into the whole experience of being a human

I see the homeless, the glass eye. A soul filled with the unthinkable. A temple damaged beyond measure and I understand. A baby, confusion, but still human and I understand.

I am privileged, I am loved,

But from the historicity, it hits me like a wave.

I see the slave, the refugee and I understand.

I get it, I am frustrated

I can never sail through

I understand and I accept it,

Although I am frustrated

You are human but you will never understand,

Just try to but understand.


Why do you think you alone are God’s gift to creation?

Do you expect us all to bow and marvel in your greatness?

When all we see is your decaying soul.

Out of the respect of humanity they are polite

Not because of humiliation or littleness.

Out of respect for the Unity and Beauty who made.

But it shall pass.

We shall pass.

You too shall pass.

You will fall.

You who looks down on all who are different.

It is not admiration when they look

It is pity and a genuine respect for the human race.

And above all the knowledge of One who started it all and will end it all.

To be

Why do you look with so much anger?
What are you trying to prove?
What did I do?
What did my essence do?
What did my nature do?
You took me in at a glance and regurgitated.
I am told it’s because of the quirkiness which desires not to conform nor confuse.
But to just be in this universe of abursdity.
To thrive and love and soak in beauty.
To dwell at it’s well.
You judged what you know not.
I judged what I knew not.
I strived to be at peace but your essence pushed me away without the parting of your lips.
Why do we do this?
I strive to be at peace with this absurdity.
Not to be of it but while in it to be at peace.
What are we trying to prove?

What is your nation trying to prove?
Why is it much difficult to be than not to be?
When hypothetically or theoretically it would be just easier to be.
How can you be?
We tell everyone in this absurdity to be.
It is the best advise given.
Discovering and unfolding our being is a whole different dimension of grace.
We can’t be without grace.
Not in this absurdity
To be is beautiful.
Those who are, are beautiful.
They are liberated with a sense of deep joy.
They have it all.
They are at peace with it all.

A short reflection on WYD

Attuned we moved in worship in the Old City.
Right from chanting whilst walking for about 4 hours per day,
country alongside country no matter how patriotic, we gathered kneeling, stretching our hands, prostrating, adoring all that is Beautiful, True, One and Good.
Be it dancing in the rain, our Beings saw and tasted a snippet of the heavenly joy desired by all.
The message to stretch ourselves to be engaged in and active with the times, to stay true to ourselves and let go of fear, allowing understanding and love to take root;
To acknowledge the past with sentiment and not sentimentality, betting and basking in the future with faith.
The Pope who met us, reminded we the young of our influence as the hope in these times. Our power to build bridges and not walls. To acknowledge the Transcendental truth of being that we are all one. Our oneness which on a microcosm was very much apparent in the Old City as we worshipped as a Universal Church; with nations sharing food together in moments of hunger and trading items of memorabilia, playing Card games such as Cheat, dancing, singing or playing football together.

The Pope with unapologetic frankness told us that we shouldn’t sit back like couch potatoes and let others tell us what we know, when we haven’t only seen but tasted and felt Thou. We were called to pick up our mats and walk, not shut ourselves off but give our all to life, fulfilling our essence beings as creators, whilst daily cultivating the Truth we know.
Indeed the Pilgrimage tested us, inspired and filled us.

And so the anticipation begins…!!

One word to describe my World Youth Day experience in Madrid 2011 is BEAUTIFUL. Massive crowds of young people from around the world, bridging their cultural differences and gathering as one Church in worship and praise. The fluidity of culture and language is striking; nothing like culture shock or a language barrier, but all together in our universality, strengthened in communion with each other, as we bear witness to our faith. Floods and floods of youth on the streets singing joyful praise with smiles, and greeting their fellow human. No boundaries in our faith, no boundaries at all. Everyone showing such grace and peace.

Reflecting on the whole experience makes me think of St. John Paul the Great’s quote “The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with him in the building of the civilization of love.” Indeed we the young are part of a pilgrim Church called to bear the force of love. No matter how small in our daily lives. And O how apparent this love was, on the streets of Madrid.
World Youth Day this year, for the second time in its history since its conception in 1984 in the Jubilee year of Redemption, falls on another Jubilee year. This time in the year of Mercy, we are called to love and love boundlessly, and be merciful because we cannot claim to love without being merciful. As a Holy Church which strives to live in the light of the word of the Lord, Pope Francis asks us to focus on the beatitudes when Jesus beckons us ‘Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful’ (Luke 6:36).

As we the young prepare for this event in this Jubilee year we must seek to be merciful with ourselves and with others. As part of the Church, we are called to look at the sinful woman who in her love, humbly sat and washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair, kissed and perfumed them with her ointment. She saw herself for who she was and saw Jesus for who He is, The Merciful.

So we are asked to walk deeply in our faith, by looking into our hearts and at the hearts of others; forgiving and asking for forgiveness; understanding ourselves and understanding others, because we are a Church of sinners.

Where better for this event to take place than the home of St. John Paul the Great, the Pope who entrusted to us the youth, the World Youth Day Cross. He is a role model of such mercy. Whom in his humility and love for our Father, helped to end the communist rule in his native land and the whole of Eastern Europe; strove to bridge differences amongst the different beliefs and faiths in our world, emphasising our humanity above all; forgave and showed such mercy to the many people who tried to take his life. Saying after visiting one of his attackers in prison, “What we talked about will have to remain a secret between him and me. I spoke to him as a brother whom I have pardoned and who has my complete trust.″

So the excitement and anticipation begins; and with all this in mind we march in our numbers travelling far and wide to experience World Youth Day.




What is this we fight for and against
We fight and fight until there is no fighting left
To prove a point
To protect
To conquer
To affirm
Ambition’s capability
What is this we do to ourselves
You do to you
I do to me
Senseless destruction
You do to me and I to you
Tearing my soul apart
Tearing my life apart
Shredding all that comes in the way
Breeding anarchy in its path
Looting, smog, blood and pain
Death at it’s slithering wake
Bringing greatness to its knees
Devouring everything in her path
The tormented with nothing
Do you not know that the evil men do lives after them
In the rare moments it clears the smog within
Who wins in the end when we are all gone one way or another
In brutality or in peace
Who will win
You will think we will look above and beyond to make all things in harmony thrive for all
Focus on our impending extinction as a species
But we fight for and against