My deep well

When it is all said

And the other, which words can not express seeks to divulge

With no sense of how to escape,

We drown.

Over-consume and drown.

The road easily taken

The wide path.

We drown, it is easy

It is a constant battle.

The cure we know

To unwrap it is unknown.

We seem to not know enough to keep it at bay.

Take 3 steps forward take 4 back

Then 2 forward then 1 back

At least there is a depth,

The movement has created a deep well.

You decide what to fill it with.

The You is still

Judge wisely

Seek to still the well

While constantly striving to keep it full.

How deep and wide

I know not, all I know is it is very deep.

Cry and laugh.

O love, what is more beautiful

What I need human you can not give.

The Whom is, shall fill it if it pleases.

All I know is I am loved and I love greatly.

Love that’s all I need.


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