2016 in a few words

2016 has been a momentous year. Samuel and I got married!!! mind blowing stuff…

If you had said to us a year ago we will be getting married on 22nd October 2016 considering the many mountains in our way, we would have literally said in unison ‘shut up’ in the voice of Elle Woods and slapped you, but God did it. Not trying to sound modest but God did it.

I finally conformed and pushed my dominant right brain, training my dyslexia and dyspraxia by learning how to drive, finishing the first part of my masters at Oxford, starting to professionally work, starting to build a home and pushing myself musically. I have grown in so many ways by challenging and exploring areas of my deepest being, areas I never knew existed. My soul has never been fulfilled and yet pushed over a cliff in a free fall of uncompromising faith that I have had to breathe and lay at the foot of the cross because that’s where I intrinsically belong, without having to try. That’s where I am whole.

Like Beyonce I wish I could proudly proclaim ‘I am a grown woman’, but I know I am not there yet… I still have a lot of melting, moulding, sculpturing and growing to do. I am still being pushed into deep ocean and I am still petitioning and grounding my feet firmly for grace to abound and keep me steady. Despite looking down so many times, I know my faith will keep me going because it has brought me thus far.

I am indeed looking forward to the New Year. I do still have a long list of New Year resolutions. I never fail to have resolutions because there is no harm in trying, I think the attitude of indifference and the acknowledgement of knowing you will never change is the epitome of the deadly sin that is pride.

I am human, I am flawlessly imperfectly perfect. I will rather lay by Samuel at 4:30 am than go for a jog. But I know not jogging will leave my brain feeling like scrambled eggs. So I will keep on trying. That’s all I can do, keep on doing and one day hopefully one day my body and brain will fully accept the greatness I wish and pray of it.

God is good, bring on 2017 and all its blessings and challenges.


4 thoughts on “2016 in a few words”

  1. If you had mentioned dyspraxia, we would have done it differently. Everybody lies (Hugh Laurie – House). I have a current pupil with dyspraxia. I do dyspraxia! You were a lovely pupil but it could have been so much easier if you had told me….


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