A short reflection on WYD

Attuned we moved in worship in the Old City.
Right from chanting whilst walking for about 4 hours per day,
country alongside country no matter how patriotic, we gathered kneeling, stretching our hands, prostrating, adoring all that is Beautiful, True, One and Good.
Be it dancing in the rain, our Beings saw and tasted a snippet of the heavenly joy desired by all.
The message to stretch ourselves to be engaged in and active with the times, to stay true to ourselves and let go of fear, allowing understanding and love to take root;
To acknowledge the past with sentiment and not sentimentality, betting and basking in the future with faith.
The Pope who met us, reminded we the young of our influence as the hope in these times. Our power to build bridges and not walls. To acknowledge the Transcendental truth of being that we are all one. Our oneness which on a microcosm was very much apparent in the Old City as we worshipped as a Universal Church; with nations sharing food together in moments of hunger and trading items of memorabilia, playing Card games such as Cheat, dancing, singing or playing football together.

The Pope with unapologetic frankness told us that we shouldn’t sit back like couch potatoes and let others tell us what we know, when we haven’t only seen but tasted and felt Thou. We were called to pick up our mats and walk, not shut ourselves off but give our all to life, fulfilling our essence beings as creators, whilst daily cultivating the Truth we know.
Indeed the Pilgrimage tested us, inspired and filled us.