What is this we fight for and against
We fight and fight until there is no fighting left
To prove a point
To protect
To conquer
To affirm
Ambition’s capability
What is this we do to ourselves
You do to you
I do to me
Senseless destruction
You do to me and I to you
Tearing my soul apart
Tearing my life apart
Shredding all that comes in the way
Breeding anarchy in its path
Looting, smog, blood and pain
Death at it’s slithering wake
Bringing greatness to its knees
Devouring everything in her path
The tormented with nothing
Do you not know that the evil men do lives after them
In the rare moments it clears the smog within
Who wins in the end when we are all gone one way or another
In brutality or in peace
Who will win
You will think we will look above and beyond to make all things in harmony thrive for all
Focus on our impending extinction as a species
But we fight for and against