The Cross

tree of ther knowlegde of good and evil

I was the first of my kind, called into being by Eternity.
Uniquely made to know all that can be known if they dared to know. The evil and suffering alike. I am good.
My luscious succulent fruits always beckoning to be tasted.
There was another creature which took a special liking to my being, slithering routinely on my stem and resting on my fruits. It’s darkness seeping into my roots.
They fell for the luscious succulence. The dream of knowing all that is in my being. A bite that led to their fall and the fall of all. My branches cried out that day one of the luscious succulence was plucked off. It knew. The whole of creation knew.

The workers chopped the parts they needed out of my stem. My greatness and longevity crumbling to the ground.
They carved and shaped a cross out of me.
4 of the soldiers carried me and placed me by many others.
A man was led in with a purple robe drenched in blood. They wove a crown out of thorns and crushed it into his head.
They placed me on his shoulder, my weight grinding into his flesh. He walked with the little strength he had carrying me with no complaints.
He fell, my weight pressed on his bones and adding to the torment which had led a trail of blood as he walked. With each fall he rose not leaving me on the ground.
A man greatly loved and hated, his existence forever causing a seen and unseen schism in creation. My redemption guaranteed as he never forsook me, carrying my grandeur despite many lashes to the mountain. I felt the human tremor and I felt the divine grace that surpasses all knowing.
He was nailed into my being and we became one.
Salvation was brought.
A tree which led to the Fall finally redeemed to save.



Why do you think you alone are God’s gift to creation?

Do you expect us all to bow and marvel in your greatness?

When all we see is your decaying soul.

Out of the respect of humanity they are polite

Not because of humiliation or littleness.

Out of respect for the Unity and Beauty who made.

But it shall pass.

We shall pass.

You too shall pass.

You will fall.

You who looks down on all who are different.

It is not admiration when they look

It is pity and a genuine respect for the human race.

And above all the knowledge of One who started it all and will end it all.

To be

Why do you look with so much anger?
What are you trying to prove?
What did I do?
What did my essence do?
What did my nature do?
You took me in at a glance and regurgitated.
I am told it’s because of the quirkiness which desires not to conform nor confuse.
But to just be in this universe of abursdity.
To thrive and love and soak in beauty.
To dwell at it’s well.
You judged what you know not.
I judged what I knew not.
I strived to be at peace but your essence pushed me away without the parting of your lips.
Why do we do this?
I strive to be at peace with this absurdity.
Not to be of it but while in it to be at peace.
What are we trying to prove?

What is your nation trying to prove?
Why is it much difficult to be than not to be?
When hypothetically or theoretically it would be just easier to be.
How can you be?
We tell everyone in this absurdity to be.
It is the best advise given.
Discovering and unfolding our being is a whole different dimension of grace.
We can’t be without grace.
Not in this absurdity
To be is beautiful.
Those who are, are beautiful.
They are liberated with a sense of deep joy.
They have it all.
They are at peace with it all.

My deep well

When it is all said

And the other, which words can not express seeks to divulge

With no sense of how to escape,

We drown.

Over-consume and drown.

The road easily taken

The wide path.

We drown, it is easy

It is a constant battle.

The cure we know

To unwrap it is unknown.

We seem to not know enough to keep it at bay.

Take 3 steps forward take 4 back

Then 2 forward then 1 back

At least there is a depth,

The movement has created a deep well.

You decide what to fill it with.

The You is still

Judge wisely

Seek to still the well

While constantly striving to keep it full.

How deep and wide

I know not, all I know is it is very deep.

Cry and laugh.

O love, what is more beautiful

What I need human you can not give.

The Whom is, shall fill it if it pleases.

All I know is I am loved and I love greatly.

Love that’s all I need.

The righteous

They are the righteous ones.

They lead it all, coercing the poor in spirit to take part.

They are ready to condemn,

Ready to make you feel small and ashamed because you don’t fit the ball.

They are always on time,

Not a second late.

When you fall,

O when you fall on the way to one of their many events,

They will pass you by because they need to get there to make sure the flowers have arrived.

They are the righteous ones.

They are strong and confident.

They keep the institution going.

They are blessed with that special kind of grace.

They are blessed with all the finery.

They scream royalty.

They are the righteous ones.

They mean well but the job needs to be done, you say.

Are we not the job?

Our reality

Do they really see me?

To them I only fit into a version of their reality.

I’m I a wholesome being with a mind, heart and lungs.

With skin, a nose and toes.

They will never truly see me

I can strive to see you.

I truly see you.

I see your soul and how much you are struggling with your existence. Some times I don’t see you.

Some times you are only part of my very tainted reality.

My sinful and prideful self.

Don’t clap for me! What have I done?

What hope did I bring?

Did I raise you high consistently until you knew where you belonged?

Did I succumb to the masses or did I take the long and narrow path that led to my freedom.

Do I truly see myself?

Do I truly see this temple and this soul that needs nourishment.

That needs catering.

That desires nought but your Divine grace and love.

If I truly saw I don’t think I will abuse these creations you have gifted me with.

Do I truly see you? Do I truly know you?

Do I truly realise how you never fail in your promises or similar to the Israelites at the time of Moses enroute to the promised land, do I sidetrack and selfishly turn away after you have just shown me your beauty?

Which I don’t truly see because I am not fully seeing you.

I am only seeing you as a part of my messed up reality.

A short reflection on WYD

Attuned we moved in worship in the Old City.
Right from chanting whilst walking for about 4 hours per day,
country alongside country no matter how patriotic, we gathered kneeling, stretching our hands, prostrating, adoring all that is Beautiful, True, One and Good.
Be it dancing in the rain, our Beings saw and tasted a snippet of the heavenly joy desired by all.
The message to stretch ourselves to be engaged in and active with the times, to stay true to ourselves and let go of fear, allowing understanding and love to take root;
To acknowledge the past with sentiment and not sentimentality, betting and basking in the future with faith.
The Pope who met us, reminded we the young of our influence as the hope in these times. Our power to build bridges and not walls. To acknowledge the Transcendental truth of being that we are all one. Our oneness which on a microcosm was very much apparent in the Old City as we worshipped as a Universal Church; with nations sharing food together in moments of hunger and trading items of memorabilia, playing Card games such as Cheat, dancing, singing or playing football together.

The Pope with unapologetic frankness told us that we shouldn’t sit back like couch potatoes and let others tell us what we know, when we haven’t only seen but tasted and felt Thou. We were called to pick up our mats and walk, not shut ourselves off but give our all to life, fulfilling our essence beings as creators, whilst daily cultivating the Truth we know.
Indeed the Pilgrimage tested us, inspired and filled us.

My Journey Of Life.